Industrial cleaning and maintenance

Our daily activity focuses on carrying out industrial cleaning tasks by using our own resources or through subcontracting; and the construction, repair, maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of commercial and industrial buildings and homes, including all their facilities and machinery, by using our own resources or through subcontracting.

We work in the contracting and execution of all kinds of public and private Projects; Urbanisation; Subdividing; General and Partial Planning; and Planning and Urbanisation Projects, independently, collaborating with private third parties, jointly with Government administrations, and as urbanisation or building agents.

We also recover and sell iron and steel products, carry out excavation, demolition and earthmoving works and gardening and forestry tasks.

In addition, we provide rental services for all types of machinery with or without a driver.

Equipment rental

We also offer rental services for industrial maintenance machinery. Below you can find details on our range of equipment designed to facilitate industrial maintenance works: